Architectural & Interiors Photography

by jana

Architectural & Interiors Photography

Often, photographs are the only way the public or potential clients will be able to view your finished projects. Photos that capture the beauty and functionality of your designs are paramount when it comes to attracting new clients and creating useful marketing materials. My images stand the test of time and will look great in your portfolio for years to come.

Techniques and Capabilities

I combine traditional field techniques with modern digital capture and post-processing techniques to create photographs that not only document the space but also tell a story and depict the area in an artistic manner. Each shot is styled and lit in a way appropriate to space, working to complement your design and show the texture, volume, richness and thoughtfulness that were tirelessly put into it.

All of my architectural and interior design photo shoots include a digital workstation that shows the photos as they are made in real time, which allows me to work with you to create precisely the images that you have in mind. We’ll arrange objects in the space so that they photograph as best as they can, and add or remove light as necessary to ensure that the moods and feelings of the area translate into the photographs.

Before and After

Compare a regular, single-exposure photo to my fully lit, staged, and retouched photos.

Move the slider left to right to see how the image changes. If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap or drag.

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Tips for preparing for interior & exterior photography

When marketing any property one of the most painful things to see is poor photography. A good quality camera in the hands of a professional will do your property justice with exceptional Property Photography. Unless you are proficient in high-end photography and post-production skills, then it’s probably the best you leave the photography to me.

Here is a quick guide on how to make the most of your property and get the best interior and exterior photography shots you can:

Exterior Property Photography

Hide wheelie bins and move cars. Tidy the front garden and path to the property. I know it’s a pain but grab the mower out mow the lawn! Set out garden furniture and tidy the little ones’ toys away.

Interior Property Photography

Clear the clutter and put utensils away. Open blinds and curtains. Bins are unsightly, and not everyone loves Rex, the dog so hide away the pet food bowls. Interior photography relies on clean lines and well-lit areas. Where possible, hide away wires and if needed unplug appliances and hide the cables. Lighting is king so if it’s grey outside ensure lights work which will give a warm homely feel to your property.